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Tips for choosing a custody exchange drop off spot

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2024 | Divorce

Working out custody arrangements and logistics for transferring the children between parents adds extra stress to an already difficult period during divorce. Choosing a neutral, convenient and safe location for custody exchanges can make the transitions easier for everyone.

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a drop-off spot.

Have an open conversation

Discuss your schedules, locations and ideal drop-off spots with your co-parent. Look at maps together to find a spot that is conveniently located near both your homes or workplaces. Take turns suggesting options until you find a place you both feel comfortable with. Keeping the communication friendly and cooperative from the start prevents future conflicts.

Prioritize safety and comfort

Look for drop-off locations that are public, well-lit and busy enough to deter any safety concerns. Parks, libraries, community centers, malls and some police stations allow custody exchanges in their parking lots or lobbies. Also consider amenities such as shelter from the elements, bathrooms and activities to keep children occupied during the transition.

Scout out logistics

Do an advance run-through of the drop-off location to work out the details. Check parking availability, entrance locations, restroom access or any other logistics issues. Bring extra toys or snacks in case there are delays. Also, pinpoint the exact meet-up spot and have a backup location in mind as well. Working through the logistics ahead of time provides assurance.

Custody exchanges and transitions are often a source of stress for children of divorce. Taking steps to choose an appropriate, neutral exchange location can help ease that burden.