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Child Custody In The Interests Of Children And Parents

Your children’s well-being and your parental rights are both essential concerns in a custody case. To smooth the way through the legal processes of obtaining a suitable custody order, turn to an experienced, understanding family law attorney.

At the Law Office of Alexandria Lipton in Manhattan, my clients benefit from the responsive, one-on-one attention that I provide. I am Alexandria Lipton, and I am confident I can be the lawyer who will help you resolve your custody case without unnecessary obstacles. I will consistently inform you of what the law says and listen carefully to understand your goals and priorities.

What It Means To Put The Children First

In New York as in other jurisdictions, the guiding principle in custody cases is “the best interest of the child.” In practical terms, this means that children’s needs come first when a court is considering a custody case.

If I become your family law attorney, I will help you demonstrate to a court your fitness and devotion as a parent. My background as an attorney for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services can be an asset for you.

How Is Child Custody Determined In New York?

New York family law courts determine where children should live most of the time on the basis of which parent can provide the following benefits:

  • Stability, including financial stability
  • Access to quality education and child care
  • Continuity of an established primary caretaker role
  • Preservation of sibling groups and/or access to other extended family members, such as grandparents

Children’s preferences also count if they are old enough to weigh in on the decision.

Cautionary factors include whether either parent has a history of any of the following:

  • Drug or alcohol abuse, mental health issues, spousal abuse, child abuse or abandonment
  • A tendency to interfere with each other’s visitation rights
  • Safety concerns regarding a parent’s home environments

Even if you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse or partner disagree on many things, you likely share a commitment to your children’s healthy futures. I am committed to helping you reach a favorable child custody and visitation arrangement that protects your vital parent-child relationship.

Let’s Put Our Heads Together For The Benefit Of Your Children

Going to trial is not likely the best way to resolve a custody dispute. Negotiations or mediation keep you, the parent, in the heart of decision-making about your children’s custody arrangements. I am well qualified to support your efforts in arriving at a custody plan that will work well for both you and your children.

To schedule a consultation about your child custody case in or near Manhattan, call 917-920-2959 or send a message.