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A Dedicated Lawyer For You

Alexandria, and all of her firm attorneys, understands that each case, each family, is unique and she approaches every case, every family, with this in mind. Her responsiveness to people’s needs and experience with difficult cases have earned her a strong reputation among New York family law attorneys. She is known for a direct, comprehensive approach to her cases. Alexandria is actively involved in each of her cases. Her attorneys will also see their cases through to completion, insuring the client has a familiar, knowledgeable point person at every turn in the process. Alexandria’s firm offers boutique law firm attention to each client. Whether facing issues involving divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal and child support, orders of protection, geographic relocation, negotiation of pre-nuptial, post-nuptial and separation agreements, same sex partner cohabitation and dissolution agreements, grandparent visitation and paternity matters, or post-judgment enforcement and modification proceedings, we are here for you.

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Family Law Representation: What Our Firm Is About

Alexandria, and all of her firm attorneys, work one on one with each client, understanding that empathy is key to good client communication. Alexandria strives to understand her client’s goals and objectives, achieve outcomes, and keep the client well-informed throughout their case. Alexandria understands that all family law matters, from custody, divorce, child support, to any other area, are complex and painful to deal with. Whether your case is headed toward a negotiated settlement or requires tough representation in court, it is critical to have counsel you can trust and rely on, not only to advocate on your behalf but to see you through the process.

Your Path To The Next Chapter Of Life

Alexandria’s goal is to solve your problems. She is an assertive attorney who is most interested in helping you, and your family, to get to the next chapter of your life. Alexandria’s experience is extensive.  She has handled the full spectrum of cases: order of protection, parental relocation, parental interference, co-parenting challenges, child abuse and neglect, child support, asset distribution and spousal support, marital dissipation, prenuptial agreements, hidden marital assets, and post-judgment enforcement and modification. Alexandria brings her sharp skills and dynamic approach to any and every family law issue.  Her knowledge is your power.

Alexandria looks forward to hearing about your family law needs and applying her skills to solving your problems. Alexandria, and her attorneys, will guide you through with compassion and resolve. While providing personalized attention every step of the way, Alexandria will help you navigate twists and turns in the road to resolution.

Reach Alexandria by calling her at 917-920-2959 or sending an email inquiry.