Powerful. Effective. Empathic.

Alexandria provides clients with strong, compassionate representation. She works to help clients navigate the complex maze of divorce and family law, effectively move cases forward, and successfully protect her clients’ interests.

Experienced Family Law Representation For New York City

Family Law
Family Law
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Child Custody

Manhattan Family Law Attorney

A New Yorker herself, Alexandria understands the issues and concerns facing her clients and their families. She has well over a decade of family law experience and will work to insure you get through the challenges facing you and your family and are able to move on with your life.  Whether solutions present themselves in the courtroom through litigation or in the conference room through negotiation, her priority is getting you results. 

What My Clients Say

Alex worked extremely hard to bring my case to settlement under very difficult circumstances. She had immeasurable patience and her guidance was invaluable. I was also very happy with the papers she drafted, which were top notch. I appreciated her efforts to keep the costs down throughout the process. Extremely happy with her representation and elated to be done with my divorce.

– Eric S.

I was seeking counsel to address details after my divorce and was recommended to Alexandria Lipton. Her down to Earth relatability made me feel comfortable in uncharted waters and her legal expertise gave me the confidence that not only had I chosen the right person for my case, but I had chosen the right person for me. Throughout my work with Ms. Lipton, she would consistently consult with me, keeping my interests at the heart of the case. She practiced with the utmost respect to my family and our privacy. Ms. Lipton’s work was thorough, fair, and timely, grounded in her extensive knowledge and experience of the legal system, something all New Yorkers can appreciate. I continue to consult Ms. Lipton for all of my legal needs and recommend her without hesitation to my family and friends.”

– Diana

Alexandria was extremely helpful in helping settle an issue I had with an order of protection case. The case was long and somewhat complicated but she understood exactly what was going on and was able to have me protected and safe. I got what I needed an order of protection thanks to her and her great work along with her patience.
She explained each point to me and wasted no time. She made the court process an easy one. She is professional and very helpful. I would use her in the future with my eyes close. I would also recommend her to anyone who has any legal issues or needs legal assistance.

– Yesenia

I hired Alexandria to represent me in my divorce case and to help me obtain custody of my daughter. Alexandria was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She kept the case moving forwards, achieved my goals, and helped me to walk away from my marriage cleanly. I really appreciated that she explained and consulted me in terms I could understand and always took the time to answer my calls, emails, and questions. I would recommend her highly to anyone seeking representation and would certainly hire her again.

– Amy

“Alexandria was truly a godsend when I needed her legal assistance. She had the perfect balance of support, intelligence, action and professionalism. I felt, and was in, very good hands with her. I’ve since been happy to refer several others to her. She resolved my case swiftly and knew exactly how to address the concerns I had. It felt so empowering to know I could trust her and have her on my side. I recommend her highly.”

– Leah

“For years, my ex- had put me through the wringer. probably as a war of attrition strategy. I’d been through 4 or 5 lawyers, their unconcern and lousy advice adding to the incredible stress. At our first visit one of these lawyers stated flatly I’d lose my home. None even tried to fight. In fact, they barely lifted a finger. At last, through a recommendation from an established lawyer with a sterling reputation, I found Alexandria Lipton. It was immediately apparent and reassuring that she is sharp and smart. Ms. Lipton doesn’t suffer fools, spotting the games from miles away. She put up that fight and finally freed me from a nightmare.”

– Eva

Alex Lipton is helping me get divorced. When we had our first consultation she was exceptionally direct with me, telling me everything i needed to know and answering all of my questions. I can’t think of a time when any person presented so much information in such a plain and understandable way. When it came to services and fees she explained my options to me very clearly so that it was easy to make my own decision. Since then she has walked me through every step, contingency, and unexpected obstacle with patience, kindness, and extraordinary professionalism. She dispenses with any and all arising nonsense swiftly and thoroughly, and my divorce is going quite smoothly. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Ms. Lipton, and i feel very fortunate that she is handling my case.

– John

Hi my name is Gennaro, I’m a client of Alexandria Lipton, in my time working with her, she was very proactive and efficient to get the best outcome for my case always ready to answer any questions I had I referred to my case very professional and friendly to my needs I recommend her for any case regarding family matters, I will always have the best to say about her hard work for me, thank you Alexandria for all.

– Gennaro

Family First

Alexandria has devoted her career to helping families get through difficult times. After obtaining a degree in anthropology and then her law degree, she began her career working in family law. She started as an intern at the Administration for Children’s Services while still in law school and then continued that work, prosecuting child abuse and neglect cases once she was admitted to the New York Bar. During her time prosecuting cases, Alexandria honed her skills as a zealous trial attorney. She also developed a knack for handling the most complex and challenging cases. As a result, Alexandria is a compassionate and zealous advocate. She understands that each case, each family, is unique and she approaches every case, every family, with this in mind.

Alexandria is accessible, responsive, and assertive. She will not beat around the bush when discussing your case, whether with you, the court, or opposing counsel. Alexandria’s straight forward manner helps to move cases forward and achieve actual goals. Her ability to be compassionate allows her to truly listen to her clients and understand what it is that is most important to them. And her skills as a problem solver help Alexandria to quickly assess your case and together decide the best way to achieve your goals.

Will My Family Law Case Go To Trial?

Not if it doesn’t absolutely have to. Alexandria is not here to get you into fights. She is here to solve problems. Sometimes that will mean trial. But more often it means negotiating to get to resolution. Alexandria is as skilled in mediation and negotiation as she is in the courtroom, and more than anything she listens to her clients. Your goal is her goal and she will relentlessly pursue your goals.