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Divorce Is Challenging. Choose An Attorney Who Will Support Your Goals.

No one said divorce would be easy. But if it is coming your way, you deserve to know how to protect yourself. The strength and reassurance that your lawyer brings to the table can help you take each necessary step with your interests at the forefront.

At the Law Office of Alexandria Lipton in Manhattan, you will find a family law professional who understands your uphill climb. I am attorney Lipton, and I am ready to enable you to proceed through the divorce process with courage and clarity.

Prioritizing What’s Most Important In Your Divorce

Depending on your unique life circumstances and goals for your future, you may wish to focus on one or more of the following:

  • Completing your divorce quickly and cost-effectively
  • Keeping favorite possessions
  • Retaining ownership of the marital home (or getting a fair portion of equity value)
  • Being the parent with primary custody
  • Preventing complications over inherited property
  • Avoiding disruptions to a business or professional practice
  • Getting your fair share of retirement and investments accounts

Note: “Punishing your spouse” is not on the list. You will be better off if you proceed in a calm, reasonable way. With my experience and temperament, I can help you do that.

How Is Property Divided In New York?

Family law courts in our state expect divorces to result in equitable distribution of assets. A 50-50 split may not be equitable if one spouse made significant contributions to the professional education of the other, for example. Important goals include:

  • Arriving at a fair division of property
  • Determining workable co-parenting responsibilities.

It is also in your best interest for you and your spouse to reach a settlement agreement voluntarily. I encourage each divorce client to pursue a rational property division that protects both spouses’ financial stability.

I am ready to represent you zealously and purposefully in any legal context leading to your divorce. I am persuasive and well-prepared to represent my clients skillfully and efficiently in settlement negotiations, mediation or trials.

How I Can Help You Protect Your Interests On Your Road To Divorce

Ultimately, I hope to see you emerge from the passageway of divorce well-equipped for a sustainable future. I can help you make tough but essential decisions that will prove effective in the long term.

I am a native New Yorker with extensive experience in family-related legal matters spanning more than a decade. I started my legal career as an attorney for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services. In that role, I stood fast for what was right even in the face of stiff opposition. I do that for my family law clients in private practice, too.

Let’s Start Talking About Your Divorce

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