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Is it time to ask for a divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2023 | Divorce

Relationships are intricate tapestries woven from countless threads of emotions, experiences and shared moments. Over time, as lives unfold and challenges mount, some of these threads may fray, leading couples to face the heart-wrenching question: Is it time to end the marriage?

Statista reported that the divorce rate for New Yorkers was 2.2 per every 1,000 residents in 2021. Contemplating divorce is one of the most challenging decisions anyone can face. Before you reach a conclusion, it is important to assess several factors to determine if it truly is the right time.

Persistent unhappiness

It is natural for all couples to go through periods of discontent. However, if you find that you are consistently unhappy and cannot remember the last time you felt joy or contentment in your relationship, it might be a sign to evaluate things more closely.

Lack of communication

Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship. A recent study found that 67.5% of marriages failed due to poor communication. If you and your partner no longer talk about your feelings, hopes or dreams, or if every conversation ends in an argument, it may indicate deeper issues.

Diminished intimacy

While it is common for passion to ebb and flow, a prolonged lack of intimacy – both emotional and physical – can point to a significant disconnect between you and your partner.


Do you find yourself wanting to spend more time away from home? Are you making excuses to avoid your partner? If you prefer to be away rather than with your spouse, you need to ask yourself why.

Different life goals

As individuals grow, so do their aspirations and dreams. If you find that your life goals no longer align with your partner’s and compromises seem impossible, it may be a sign that you are moving in different directions.

Feeling like roommates

Living like cohabitants rather than a couple is another red flag. If you feel more like roommates than a married couple, it may be an indicator that your relationship has lost its deeper connection.

The decision to ask for a divorce is deeply personal and multifaceted. While these signs can offer guidance, it is essential to consider your feelings and circumstances. Seek counseling or therapy to help navigate your emotions and make an informed choice. Remember, every couple and situation is unique. What works for one might not work for another. Reflect on what you genuinely want and need in your life and relationship. Whatever you decide, prioritize your well-being and happiness.